Corporate Banking Definition Covering Bank Account & Benefits

Get a clear understanding of the meaning of corporate banking and how to open a bank account and the benefits to customers.

The Meaning of Corporate Banking

Corporate bankers serve corporations and include services like issuing of bonds, stocks, cash management, underwriting and financing. Most of the financial institutions usually maintain different divisions for the purpose of handling needs that the corporate clients have which are separate from the activities of retail banking or the consumer for the individual accounts. It is possible for you to open a corporate banking account. Read below about setting up a corporate account and of the benefits that you can enjoy.

How to Open a Corporate Account

Corporate banking definition explained to customer seeking to open an accountFor starting the relationship, it is necessary for you to choose one bank and then bring to it the certificate of incorporation issued by the state, as you do for commercial banking. It is also necessary for signing up for the Federal Employer Identification Number. It may not be necessary for you to be in need of EIN for the purpose of taxes but you may be in need of that for the purpose of banking. From the side of the company you will need to pass the corporate resolution that can state specifically about bank account.

Benefits of a Corporate Bank Account

There are many advantages that you get when you have a proper corporate bank account. There are chances for you to have more finance accounts for varying needs when your company starts growing. Corporate customers may also use this for getting some funding at the time of any financial crisis. The interest rate can also be much affordable.

Learn More on Corporate Financial Services:

Corporate banks offer various financial services including asset management, portfolio management and more. Other services include investment banking, capital finance and corporate finance. They do these for small business as well as for large corporations. Contact us to learn even more on the topic, or buy corporate banking books at amazon at great prices.